Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anniversary #3

Anniversary dinner at Nobu Dallas
Last Thursday, October 4th, my hubby and I celebrated 3 years of marriage! It's hard to believe that 3 whole years have passed me by.  A lot has happened - lots of challenges - lots of fun & unforgettable moments - and a few not-so-fun moments. But we're still here - committed as ever.

I not only celebrate an anniversary - but also love, growth, maturity, accountability, friendship, and the abounding love & undeserved grace of the Lord. I'm just really grateful.

One of our anniversary traditions is to flip through our wedding album & watch our video. This year we also watched the sweet video Q shared at church as apart of his proposal to me. Watching this video really warms my heart - reminds me of what a special time that was - and the special
times ahead.

Quentin & Angela's Love Story: The Proposal

The little guy in the video is my nephew & the little lady is my stepdaughter, Kendall. 
And OMG...they totally look like babies in the video! Which means I'm old :|

Happy 3rd anniversary to us!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Fall 2012 Wardrobe Essentials

Fall is my favorite season! We had a "cold front" in Dallas this weekend...the temp dropped to the low '50s, which was awesome because we normally don't see this weather until the end of October/early November. It's definitely a welcome change after enduring another summer of 90-100 degree weather. Other than the cool temps and the highly anticipated arrival of Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte, my most favorite thing about fall is the fashion! I LOVE fall fashion...layers, scarves, mixed prints, boots...I love it all. Long before I started this blog, I put together a fall 'look book', which was normally just a one-page collage I created using PowerPoint that included my favorite looks from that season. So I'm doing the same this year, but posting it here for all to see! Enjoy!

  {1} black flare dress
  {2) printed blouse
  {3} infinity scarf
  {4) cargo jacket
  {5} high waist trousers
  {6} chambray shirt
  {7} studded loafers
  {8} statement necklace
  {9} fall maxi dress
{10} blazer
{11} colored denim
{12} booties

What are your favorite fall trends & essentials?

Royal Blue & Dots

Earlier this summer I found the cutest pleated maxi skirt on clearance at bebe. I had some ideas about tops I could pair it with...leaning towards a gray v-neck top...but then lo and behold, I came across this darling outfit!

The lovely lady in this picture is Sydney - author of one of the blogs I follow - the daybook. How cute is this 'fit!? I never would have thought of pairing my skirt with a polka dot top. As soon as I saw this, I knew this was the look I would try to replicate to complete my maxi skirt. HOWEVER, a polka dot top proved to be hard to find. I had virtually given up and settled on b&w stripes...and then BAM...I stumbled on a polka dot top for less than $25 at Old Navy! Gotta love Old Navy!

Thanks for the inspiration Sydney!

Cruisin' the Western Mediterranean

At the end of September, Q and I traveled to Barcelona, Spain for a 7-day Western Mediterranean cruise. My cousin, Tiffany, & her hubby Cedric, joined us. We started planning the trip back in January, so needless to say that I was excited when the day finally arrived. And the trip was UH-MAY-ZINGG!

The cruise was pretty port intensive - we were only at sea the first day. As I mentioned above, we started in Barcelona, then to Naples, Italy, Rome, Italy, Florence/Pisa, Italy, Cannes, France, Marseille, France, and back to Barcelona. Europe was so beautiful! There were so many amazing moments, but I'll spare you and not post a ton of words and the 500+ pictures I took. Instead, I'll summarize my experience in a Top 5 list.

#5: God's Beautiful Landscape

I feel privileged to have been able to experience more of God's beautiful Earth. The historic landmarks, monuments, cathedrals, landscape, and architecture were utterly breathtaking!

Barcelona, Spain
Naples, Italy
Cannes, France
#4: Food...and More Food!

We ate GOOD! Both on the ship and off. If you've ever taken a cruise before, you know how good the food is. But it was also so cool to try some of the local cuisines. Pizza from Italy actually tastes a bit different than say...Pizza Hut...imagine that. :) And everything was so fresh! I didn't get too crazy though...I mostly stuck with pizza, pasta, and my favorite...cappuccino! Starbucks' cappuccinos are good, but they have NOTHING on the cappuccinos we tried in the little cafes all over Europe.

Fresh food market in Barcelona
Fresh food market in Barcelona, Spain
Fresh food market in Barcelona
Apple crisp in Barcelona
Cappuccino in Rome
Pizza in Rome
Spaghetti with meat sauce in Pisa
Gnocchi in Cannes
Crepe with Nutella on the ship
Another cappuccino in Marseilles
Bread pudding & cheesecake on the ship

#3: Animal Print Madness

I am a firm believer that animal prints - specifically leopard and snake skin - are the new 'black'. I LOVE animal prints! Since so many of our most classic and trendy fashion influences come from Europe - including animal prints - I included the print as a staple in my wardrobe throughout the week! Did I mention how much I love animal prints?

Cut-out sleeve animal print top
Leopard print hair scarf 
Leopard print scarf
Snake skin peep-toe heels
Leopard print wedges
#2: Rome...Period.

Rome was, by far, my favorite city! I loved everything about Rome...the entire vibe of the city excited me. From the beautiful landmarks like the Trevi fountain, Colloseum, and the Vatican, to the delicious cappuccino and pizza for lunch...the streets were well-manicured and bustling with locals and hundreds of tourists. I can't wait to go back!

#1: Experiencing Europe with People I LOVE

Hands down...the best part about the entire vacation was spending it with my hubby and cousins! Lots of laughs...lots of food...lots of naps...lots of great conversations! We had a b-l-a-s-t together!

Until the next vacay,
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