Blended Chaos

I looked at the calendar today (March 30th) and I instantly remembered. Today marks one year since my bonus kid, Kendall, came to live with us full-time. The circumstances that led her here were awful. If it were up to me, I would share all of the gory details, but out of respect for my man and my family, I will spare you the details. Just know that it was ugly. And when I think back on that time, I am flooded with emotion - frustration being at the top of the list of emotions. Can I … Read more

Challenges + Choices

I know, I, who do I think I am coming back on the scene after all this time?! I wanted to share something God placed on my heart yesterday and there is no better place to journal those thoughts than this little blog that was once such a fun little project of mine. Who knows...maybe I'll get my thoughts together more often and post more. We'll see. Anyway, back to God. And my heart. So, my party of 5 stopped by a kids shoe store yesterday that is going out of business… Read more

Life Lately

Once upon a time, blogging was everything to me. It was my creative outlet. A place to share my thoughts on style, faith, family, friends, DIY, and the like. And then...I had a baby. And suddenly, my weekly blog posts turned into every other week blog posts. Then eventually monthly blog posts. And before I knew it, a whole year had passed since I blogged last. Some days I miss it. But most days, I don't think much about blogging. Because you know is just busy. And when… Read more

Body After Baby

When I was pregnant, I ate like a 250 pound grown man. I rarely told myself no. I gave into most all of my cravings. And I craved the worst things...fried chicken tenders from Raising Canes, cupcakes, gum balls, popsicles, just to name a few. Frankly, I went nuts. I remember looking in the mirror in my 9-month and thinking to myself, "what in the world have you done to yourself, girl?"  By the end of my pregnancy, I had packed on nearly 50 pounds. The funny thing is I wasn&… Read more

Month {6}

Before Ryann was born, I was told by lots of moms that 6 months is one of the most fun baby stages. And it's so true. Her little personality is so funny. She's very aware of what's going on around her. She's sitting up by herself now and it's so, so cute watching her play with her little toys. She really is a happy, smiling little nugget.  16.14 pounds 26.5 inches Wearing 6 month clothing & size 3 diapers Killing 6oz of either breast milk or formula every 3 ho… Read more

Houndstooth 2.0

skirt: JC Penney, old |  similar graphic tee: Old Navy, old |  similar cardigan: Express, old |  similar on sale booties:  DSW necklace: Forever 21, old |  similar sunglasses:  Rayban bag: so old...don't remember | similar Remember my ridiculous rant about houndstooth ? Well, turns out I'm a fan of this print. I'm totally guilty of defaulting to head-to-toe black and white with a pop of (various shades of) pink. It's easy and it works every.single.time. So mixing black and white tog… Read more

White Sneaks + Black Tights | Testimony

I traveled to California this week for work. I've always packed pretty light, but I try to pack even lighter these days since I have extra equipment to carry (breast pump). So other than the Chucks I wore on the flight there, I only packed 1 pair of heeled boots. I realized the other day as I repacked my bag to fly from Orange County to San Francisco for the second half of my trip, that there was no way I was going to try to trek through the airport with my boots on, so I slipped … Read more