Family Vacation | Babymoon + 24 Week Update

I spent Memorial Day weekend in the beautiful city of Seagrove, FL...right outside of Destin. I'm reminded quite often these days that my vacationing days will be few and far in between with a new baby so I knew I wanted to get a vacation in before Baby Webb makes her debut in September. So when my family in Atlanta started talking about/planning a weekend vacay in Destin, hubby and I, along with my parents, decided to join in on the fun! There was a big group of us...18 total..… Read more

OOTD + A Few Random Thoughts & Updates

Hello lovelies! It's Monday...all. over. again.  Although I am grateful for a great career, the fact that I have to work 5 out of the 7 days of the week just doesn't sit well with me! haha! 4 days a week is plenty. Am I alone ladies? So I have a few updates for you + an outfit I was miraculously able to pull together...with only the top being "maternity". It was totally an accident because this is not what I was planning to wear that day, but I loved the outcome. An… Read more

February, March & April Budget Recap

Let me just warn you now that this is a LONG post. Lots of words. But I've been slacking on posting monthly so I figured I should get it all out of the way then start fresh again for May. So don't grow weary & read on. ;) :: FEBRUARY :: February was a R-O-U-G-H month for me. I initially had no intention of sticking with my self-imposed shopping ban . I found out I was expecting in mid-January and shortly after that the fatigue and the all-day nausea set in like a MOTHER. I … Read more