Thursday Thrills, Throwbacks & Threads

Happy Thursday, loves! One more work day before the weekend...and t minus 15 work days until I am on vacation! I've never been more excited about sitting on my rear, watching The View , eating crap I shouldn't eat, and taking LOTS of naps...I. can. not. wait. Anyway, on to Thursday TTT. THRILLS {1} I pinned  this  bookshelf the other day. I just love it. So pretty. {2} I FINALLY finished 1 Samuel. Yay! And learned a ton. David truly was a man after God's own heart. His wives (y… Read more

A Tale of a Thrifting Rookie

I pinned this outfit not too long ago and loved the look so much that I immediately began a search for a midi skirt. I found this one but didn't want to spend 50 bucks for it so I put the search on a temporary hold. A couple days ago I happened to wander into a nearby thrift store and scored a bunch of cute things...2 skirts, a jacket, 2 pairs of shoes, and a necklace...for $67! Woot woot! I've never been into thrifting much before...always thought it was a tad gross to put m… Read more

Cyber Monday Super Deal

Hey there! I've had my eye on  these over-the-knee riding boots  for awhile but $400 for one item  is not  and  will not  be in my budget in the foreseeable future. Never hurts to admire from afar though, right? I wasn't planning on doing any online shopping for Cyber Monday because, frankly, I really don't need anything. But I just couldn't resist StyleMint's 70% off your first item deal. StyleMint is one of those online personal stylist all-in-one sites, so they normal… Read more

Weekend Round-Up

Hey there! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low key. Thanksgiving with the fam was great. LOTS of eating. And talking and laughing. And more eating. Watched Khloe Kardashian in her starring role as the ultimate awkward co-host on the X Factor (side note: I happen to think Khloe is hilarious in real life...not sure why her personality doesn't translate on the small screen...on that note, I'm sure she could care less about my opinion of her hosting let me stay i… Read more

Beautiful, But Ohhh So Overpriced!

One word: Anthropologie. I love Anthropologie & its modest, yet unique and vintage-y flair. Everything in that store is simply gorge. Everything. BUT with the exception of a monogrammed coffee cup or a frilly notepad, the stuff in there is SO overpriced! If I had $400 to spend on a dress I would go to Neiman's...not Anthropologie. But to each her own. Other than an end of season sale, I don't frequent Anthro very often. But I will occasionally browse the store (or online) … Read more

Sometimes Life Just Gets Busy

...and when life gets busy, I tend to prioritize everything else but the one thing that matters the most...unhurried time with the Lord. And as a result, I'm left feeling depleted. With nothing to give. Nothing to give God. Nothing to give those around me...including the closest person to husband. And then I start feeling a distance from God. But I always remember this pin when I start feeling that way. According to Luke 6:45, the good person out of the good treasure of hi… Read more

Thankful Thursday + My OOTD

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies! I hope your day has gotten off to a great start! I'd love to tell you that I don't take the people and things in my life for granted. But sadly, I do sometimes. Not intentionally...but it happens. Not proud of it and I'm definitely working double time to not live as if even the next 5 minutes is promised to me.  So today I thought it was fitting to share my top 5 thanks. {5} My Career. For a career...not just a job. For the daily challenges...… Read more

Styled By....Me?

Last Wednesday, I received this panicked text from my friend AshLeigh: Angela! We have our Christmas photos scheduled for Sunday. The theme is vintage...Uhhh I can't find anything for me, Kennedy, & Karsyn??? Help Ashleigh is a SAHM of 3 of the cutest little nuggets! She mentioned that she tried to do some shopping with her youngest (8-month old, Karsyn) but it was proving to be impossible. So I happily took on the challenge! She sent me a few pics that inspired this idea!  And… Read more

A Lasting Legacy + A Birthday Tribute

Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua, and all the days of the elders who outlived Joshua and had known all the work that the Lord did for Israel. - Joshua 24:31 One word comes to mind when I read this passage of scripture: LEGACY. And a question: What do I want my legacy to be? Hubby and I planned a weekend staycation/vision retreat earlier this year. Our #1 goal for the weekend was to create a family vision, goals, and milestones for the year. We used a 40-page  guidebook  wit… Read more

Weekend Round-Up

Hey girl, hey? How was your weekend?? Here's a recap of mine! Friday Went to work, of course. And had more work to do than I had hours in the day. What's new? I considered taking some days off this holiday week, but I decided against it so I can catch up while it's quiet in the office. Hopefully I'll actually get some work done and not be sucked in by the infamous blog are just so many great blogs out there...I could literally spend my days just re… Read more

Thursday Thrills, Throwbacks & Threads

THRILLS Thrill #1 My favorite twin, Tamera Mowry-Housley, had her baby on Monday! She's gonna be the best mama. Can't wait to see pics of the baby! Thrill #2 Are you kidding me, Starbucks? As if delicious coffee and pastries wasn't good enough. Then you decide to make yourselves 10x cooler by introducing wine AND vittles (I love that word!) after 4 p.m. each day! Happy hour at Starbucks...Genius. Seriously...who is the master mind behind this idea? I feel a girls' night co… Read more

OOTD Inspiration

Marion from Marionberry Style has become one of my favorite fashion bloggers! Even at nearly 8 months pregnant, she hasn't missed a single beat! I think I like her style so much because it's practical...and she manages to create the cutest ensembles with just the right combination of trends and classic pieces. When I came across this outfit , I thought to myself..."Duh...I already have a gray blazer and plaid shirt in my closet". But I would've never thought to pu… Read more