High Five for Friday

Is it me or did this week go by super slow?! I find myself looking forward to weekends more than usual lately because that is really the only time I can focus on house and nursery stuff. This weekend will be busy so I probably won't get to a lot of that stuff, but I'm still glad it's the weekend. TGIF, y'all!  Here's a recap of my top 5 'highs' this past week: 1. Baby shower! My girls and mom gave me the best shower last Saturday. Can't wait to share t… Read more

32 Week Update

8. More. Weeks. I can't believe it! Some days it feels like the time flew. Other days it feels like it's going by as it should. As much as I'm looking forward to meeting my girl, I could use a few more weeks to wrap my brain around the fact that I'm about to be someone's mother. Sooo crazy!  32 WEEK UPDATE Due date? September 16th How far along? 32 weeks + 1 day!  How big is baby? According to  By now, your baby weighs 3 3/4 pounds and is about 16.7 inch… Read more

A Few of My Fave Maternity Photos

My blog buddy & real life friend, Kim , has done it again! She has quickly become my family photographer extraordinaire. The best part is that she just recently joined her hubby in his photography business venture and, with the exception of a couple photography workshops, has had NO formal training or experience. Just a really great eye! And she's done such a great job so far. Love her ;) So it was a no-brainer when it came to choosing a photographer for my maternity photos. I… Read more

eMeals Giveaway!

So let's be real for a second. I like to eat....but I don't like to cook. I'm not sure I've ever really admitted that to anyone. ;) Just seems like being a wife (and mom-to-be) means you should not only want to cook, but like to cook for your hubby/family. But I don't. That's my truth. And I'm sticking to it. Here's the problem, though. When I don't cook, my husband eats out. And not "good" fast food, like a salad from Subway. Like bad f… Read more