Month {5}

The past month introduced a few new milestones and adventures. I took my first work trip since being back from maternity leave. Ryann stayed with my parents for the 3 days I was gone so mommy AND daddy got a little break. I missed her every single second I was gone but it was nice to have a few days of uninterrupted rest.  I'm still nursing so I was a little nervous about the extra equipment I was going to have to haul with me...and getting the "liquid gold" through se… Read more

The Also Principle

Let's talk about my home for a second. It is my job to make my home a sanctuary. A peaceful place. An environment where my husband feels respected. A home where my children thrive. Where the neighborhood kids love to hang out. Where friends and family feel comfortable and at home. A clean home. Where grace is extended and God's love is apparent.  But here's the million dollar question...HOW do I create this kind of sanctuary on top of working, trying to be a good wife and… Read more

Pink+Red :: 2 Valentine's Inspired Outfits

Annnddd I'm back with my first style post, post-baby ! Yay me! Let's just say that showering and getting decently dressed every day with a new baby is one thing...attempting to capture blog worthy pics on top of that seems nearly impossible these days. But with the help of my photog friend, Kim , I'm hoping to work a style-related post in at least once a week. *fingers crossed* So with Valentine's Day coming up, I took to my closet to see what I could pull together for … Read more

Pinspiration | Home Decor

We moved in our home in May. I was 6 months pregnant at the time but that didn't stop me (although it should have) from attempting to decorate almost every room in the house before baby girl made her debut. I worked tirelessly  to pull the house together from the day we moved in until literally weeks before she was born. Since she arrived in September, I obviously haven't had the time or energy to think about decorating...but now that I'm back at work and we've settle… Read more