Project 52 | Week 7: Overwhelmed

This week I read Numbers 3-17. And boy am I put off by the people of Israel. Each chapter, I am completely in awe of Moses and how he stood firm and didn't throw his hands up at all of the complaining and griping the people were doing when they fell on hard times. Even God was getting irritated at their fickleness and threatened to wipe them all out a couple times. But Moses trusted God, interceded on the behalf of the people, and kept it moving. In Numbers 11, the people found y… Read more

Our Love Story

On this day on the heels of Valentine's Day. 4 years ago. Sunday, February 15, 2009. The love of my life asked me to be his wife. Before our entire church, family, our closest friends & God. This is our love story. In March 2008, the Lord led me to an amazing body of believers . It was a small community at the time...about 50 the process of planting a church. After attending 1 service, I knew God led me there for a reason and immediately joined forces with this dyn… Read more

The OOTD Pics that Almost Didn't Happen

I think I shared here before that I serve in the Pre-K class at my church a couple Sundays a month. I've been serving there for about a year and a half now. Needless to say that it's been challenging. In a good way, of course. Besides the fact that our children's ministry is always in need of volunteers, the reason I decided to serve that particular age group was to better understand my stepdaughter in her unique age and tendencies. She is 6 now and has since moved on to … Read more

Project 52 | Week 5 & 6 + Link-Up!

Hey there! I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Things have been really hectic around here. I was in Nashville for work last week and had every intention to post while I was there, but with the early mornings coupled with late nights, I had zero motivation to do anything besides sleep during my down time. The little break was nice but I'm back! Did you miss me? :) Soooo...Project 52. I'm just going to be honest and admit that my reading has be… Read more