Month {4}

Ryann started daycare on January 2 nd . Having her stay at home with my mom for a couple weeks after I went back to work really helped soften the separation anxiety blow for me. It helped me get used to being away from her for 8-10 hours a day. I had a peace knowing she was getting lots of love and care from Grandma.  She started  daycare  on a Thursday so I decided to take that day and the following day off. She did half days both days. A friend suggested I ease into it that way to get bo… Read more


My word of the year is RELAX. I already knew I was a bit neurotic, controlling, and always worried about everything. Having a baby has magnified that. I'm worried sometimes to the point of exhaustion.  It sucks the life out of you when you try to be in control, yet you are COMPLETELY out of control. My worry often translates to nagging my hubby. While getting ready to take baby girl to the pedi last week, hubby sat her car seat on the kitchen counter...and I nearly had a heart at… Read more