Life Lately | Instagram Edition

Faith I am exhausted emotionally and physically. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being horrible and 10 being the most patient person ever), I would rate myself a big fat zero in the patience department. Impatient with my husband, impatient with myself, impatient with work...just plain impatient.  So let's just cut to the chase...I am spiritually depleted. It's crazy and, frankly, disappointing that I have to get to a place of sheer exhaustion and annoyance before I realize the reason wh… Read more

Month {3}

This month has been bittersweet for me. Bitter because I went back to work on December 9th and sweet because my baby girl turned 3 months on December 17th. The transition back to work wasn't as hard as I thought it would be - mostly because she has been with my mom for the past 2 weeks. There was definitely no shortage of Grandma lovin' - my mom took great care of her. She'll do half days on January 2nd and 3rd and will officially start daycare full-time on the 6th. Still… Read more

Ryann's Nursery

Crib  //  Faux Sheepskin Rug  //  3-Piece Crib Set  //  It's a Girl Print Sunburst Mirror  //  Dresser-Changing Table  // Bookshelf //  Flower Pendant Light Feather Print  //  LOVE Print Sweet Beautiful Girl Print // R is for Ryann Print Changing Pad Cover Glider & Ottoman {Gift from parents} //  Pillow  // Table { similar } //  Vase, Flowers & Lamp Maternity Photo by Team Howard Photography // Frame Before I Knew You Prints  // Frames  // Ruffle Curtains I've been meaning to post pictures of… Read more

Oh, December 9th...You came way too fast!

The weeks leading up to Ryann's birth were pretty hectic. Work was hectic, home was hectic (I was in major nesting mode at that point) just felt hectic. So other than being super excited to finally meet my baby girl, I was really looking forward to unplugging from work and just being home. Since I graduated from college 8 years ago and started my career, I have never had more than a couple weeks off at a time from work. So 3 whole months off seemed like a dream.  Fast forw… Read more

Month {2}

OK seriously...why is time going so fast?! I can't believe it's already been 2+ months since my baby girl has been here. She's grown so much. I'm enjoying all of the new little milestones. She turned two months (8 weeks) on Sunday, November 17th and we had her 2 month check-up and vaccinations this past Tuesday. I'd heard from plenty of moms that the first round of shots were tough so I was obviously not looking forward to them. By the time the wellness check was … Read more

The truth is...

The truth is... I don't think Idris Elba is that hot. Don't get me wrong...I think he's a good looking guy, but I'm confident that I'm the only woman in the world that doesn't melt at the sight of him. The truth is... I hate when people post pictures of their feet on social media. I don't want to see your feet. The truth is... When I was pregnant, I constantly had the urge to sniff cleaning products. I know...crazy. The truth is... When I'm in a silly mood… Read more

November Group Giveaway {Express + Urban Outfitters + MAC}

It's November, y'all! Can you believe it?! 2014 will be here before we know it! To kick the month off, I've teamed up with a few lovely bloggers to bring you an awesome giveaway! And it just so happens to be to 3 of my fave places...Express, Urban Outfitters, and MAC. Get you some...enter NOW!  And happy November to you! Grace - A Southern Drawl / Meredith - Create That Outfit / Aynsley - Aynsley Ovard  / Jody - Jody Beth Barbie - The Parlor Girl / Angela - Selfless Ambition … Read more

Month {1}

My girl turned a month old on Thursday, October 17th. I know...I'm super late with this update. But newborns are a lot of work so blogging has taken an intentional back seat. ;) Anyway, I seriously can't believe a whole month (plus a couple weeks) has passed since I had her. I just love her so. I spend most of my days staring at her little awe and disbelief that she came from me. God is so good. And I'm so thankful.  {1 Month Recap} Height & Weight At 3 weeks,… Read more

1st Blogiversary

On October 6th, Selfless Ambition turned ONE! Blogging has been so much fun for truly is my creative outlet. I took a trip down memory lane the other day and read some of my old posts. Reading some of those posts reminded me about how much has happened in the past's definitely been a whirlwind year for us. Take a stroll down memory lane with me! 1st Post: Cruisin' the Western Mediterranean {A recap of my European vacay with my hubby & cousins} 1st Style P… Read more

Date Night + $125 Zara Giftcard Giveaway

Hubby and I celebrated 4 years of marriage last Friday. I wrestled with whether or not I was ready to leave baby behind for a night out with my man. But when my parents offered to come over and babysit, I obliged. And I'm glad I did. We needed the time away and it was kind of nice being in the company of other grown-ups. ;) I've lost about 20 of the 45 pounds I gained during pregnancy. I tried on a couple of dresses in my closet but nothing seemed to fit quite right. Which se… Read more

Introducing Ryann Olivia | Birth Story

Our sweet girl, Ryann, arrived on Tuesday evening, September 17th. Here is our birth story. My due date was actually September 16th . I recall feeling quite proud of myself for making it to my due date. Mainly because so many people said I wouldn't make it. Not sure why they kept saying that so I concluded that they were secretly saying I was huge and they simply couldn't fathom seeing me gain another pound. Or maybe I was just being hormonal, overly sensitive, and thinking the… Read more