Royal Blue & Dots

Earlier this summer I found the cutest pleated maxi skirt on clearance at bebe. I had some ideas about tops I could pair it with...leaning towards a gray v-neck top...but then lo and behold, I came across this darling outfit!

The lovely lady in this picture is Sydney - author of one of the blogs I follow - the daybook. How cute is this 'fit!? I never would have thought of pairing my skirt with a polka dot top. As soon as I saw this, I knew this was the look I would try to replicate to complete my maxi skirt. HOWEVER, a polka dot top proved to be hard to find. I had virtually given up and settled on b&w stripes...and then BAM...I stumbled on a polka dot top for less than $25 at Old Navy! Gotta love Old Navy!

Thanks for the inspiration Sydney!


  1. You definitely made the right choice ging with the polka dot top! Looks great!


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