Pink+Red :: 2 Valentine's Inspired Outfits

Annnddd I'm back with my first style post, post-baby! Yay me! Let's just say that showering and getting decently dressed every day with a new baby is one thing...attempting to capture blog worthy pics on top of that seems nearly impossible these days. But with the help of my photog friend, Kim, I'm hoping to work a style-related post in at least once a week. *fingers crossed*

So with Valentine's Day coming up, I took to my closet to see what I could pull together for a casual night out with my hubby. I managed to pull together not just one, but TWO looks! Holler.

chambray & headband: Target // tulle maxi skirt: Kohl's {black version}
flats: Nine West Outlet // necklace: Piperlime // watch: Michael Kors

blazer: Macy's // top: Old Navy // denim: Target
booties: GAP // necklace: Anthropologie // watch: Michael Kors

So now for the hard part...which look should I go with?


  1. Both of these looks are gorgeous! I love the red pants with that printed blazer but I also really like the tulle skirt and chambray! Great job styling them both!


  2. Nice looks. The red jeans and blazer is my fav! :-)


  3. You look beautiful! Congratulations and welcome back! Motherhood agrees with you.

  4. you look amazing! And I love that skirt...adorable!
    Congratulations on your new baby...
    Stopped by from WIWW and my website

  5. Love both outfits. I would never have put the net skirt with a denim shirt and I don't think I would have put red jeans with a pale pink jacket either. Very creative! (I got your details from fashion and faith)

  6. I love the tulle skirt with the denim chambray...such an unlikely pairing and super cute! Looking forward to taking photos for the next style post!

  7. Your blog is lovely! You have such great style. Bloglovin recommended I follow you and I'm glad they did. I look forward to reading more posts in the future.

    Your newest follower,


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