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Photo cred :: Kim of Team Howard Photography

My sweet girl has definitely started teething. She's drooling a ton and chewing on EVERYTHING. She's also constantly grabbing at everything in arm's reach - including my hair and jewelry. 

I received this adorable teething necklace from the ladies at The Vintage Honey Shop. Initially, when I'd wear it and she would grab at it, my first reaction was to try to save it from being yanked off my neck. But after wearing it a couple times, I realized the necklace is made for yanking....and sucking...and chewing. Perfect for those itchy little gums.

And how great is it that mamas everywhere can come out of necklace retirement?! The necklace comes in a variety of colors and patterns - great for dressing up your mommy uniform (i.e., jeans & a tee). ;) 

Check out the shop and tell 'em I sent you!


  1. Oh wow! That is a very cool idea for moms with teething babies and you'll still look stylish at the same time. :-) Love the photos.


  2. Wow that Necklace is actually fashionable very cute. Ryan is such a cutie pie, I love her smile, even though she's being serious in these shots! : )

  3. First, she's adorable. Second, I buy those necklaces for all of my buds when they have babies; so perfect for stylish new mamas.

  4. that is so funny that you post this today! My daughter just started chewing on my necklace and someone told me, that she had heard about these types of necklaces. I think I need to get this! She's going to love it. Thanks!

  5. she's adorable...

  6. I'm so in love with y'all!! Lol!!


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