High Five for Friday

Is it me or did this week go by super slow?! I find myself looking forward to weekends more than usual lately because that is really the only time I can focus on house and nursery stuff. This weekend will be busy so I probably won't get to a lot of that stuff, but I'm still glad it's the weekend. TGIF, y'all! 

Here's a recap of my top 5 'highs' this past week:

1. Baby shower! My girls and mom gave me the best shower last Saturday. Can't wait to share the pics with you. In the mean time, here's a picture of my head on a pregnant celeb's body. LOL! One of the baby shower games was a 'Guess the Celeb' type game. My head was attached to pregnant celebs that recently had babies. It was pretty comical seeing my head attached to some of those bodies. .50 for the first person who guesses this celeb...go! ;)

2. You'd be so proud. I've actually been cooking lately. My husband is definitely proud. And I'm pretty proud of myself, too. :) eMeals is the truth...that's all I gotta say.

3. Finally ordered The Home Experience this week. Can't wait to start reading it. P.S. I'm actually making awesome progress on my Summer Bucket List. Go me! Will post an update soon.

4. My dining room is the last room in the house that I have to decorate. Right now, it's a blank canvas. I really wasn't too concerned about rushing to get it done...until I came across this picture...

I LOVE this room! Totally my style, too. A few days later, I came across an old table and chairs that, with a little TLC, could be fab. As much I would love to take on the challenge of rehabbing the table and chairs myself, I obviously can't paint or really do much at all these days. So I reached out to a lady I know who specializes in painting, refinishing, and reupholstering. And I'm telling you guys...what I paid for the table and refinishing...some people pay a pretty penny. But no...not me. I got a great deal and I can't wait to see the final product!

5. 8 more weeks, y'all! Actually, no...7 more weeks on Monday. This girl will be here before we know it & I'm so excited to meet her! This pregnancy has truly been a blessing to me. So thankful for this experience.

Bonus: Rain, rain DON'T go away! It's been raining quite a bit here in Dallas. Growing up in the rainiest state in America, I usually despise the rain...but, honey please. This rain is keeping it cool around here and I'm loving it. Loving. It. 

Enjoy your weekend! xo

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  1. That first picture is hilarious, yet kinda believable. Is it Amber Rose? Oh my goodness 7 more weeks that's nothing!!! Beautiful inspiration for your dining room.

  2. Wow they did such a great job putting your head on someone elses body. If I could eat breads and pastries all day long I think I would...almost in the home stretch my friend!

  3. That baby shower game is genius, never heard of it but I like. That dining room looks fab, I recently bought a house so Im loving looking at all the home decor and dreaming-lol!

  4. Oh fun!! I am so glad you enjoyed your shower and are getting all set for your baby girl!!

    You look so beautiful! I can't wait to see your furniture!!

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy the rain!

  5. The celebrity baby shower game was definitely my favorite! I am loving that dining room picture. I'm sure you will make it your own and come out with a lovely dining room for your home!


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