A Few of My Fave Maternity Photos

My blog buddy & real life friend, Kim, has done it again! She has quickly become my family photographer extraordinaire. The best part is that she just recently joined her hubby in his photography business venture and, with the exception of a couple photography workshops, has had NO formal training or experience. Just a really great eye! And she's done such a great job so far. Love her ;)

So it was a no-brainer when it came to choosing a photographer for my maternity photos.
I love them all but here are a few of my faves!
{ALERT! ALERT! Please brace yourself for picture overload! I just couldn't help myself.}

See what I mean? Didn't she do a fab job?! I love the pictures...and you can't even tell that me and hubby weren't really feeling each other this day! LOL! She was still able to capture beautiful pictures and the love we have for each other (most days). :)

Check out other photos Kim has done for us here & here.

And if you're in the Plano/Allen/McKinney/Frisco, Texas area, you should definitely hire her & her hubby for your next photo session or event!

On another note, I am 30 weeks as of Monday. 30 weeks! Which means our baby girl will be here in 10 weeks...or less...yikes. Time. Is. Flying. It's getting real, y'all! Can't believe we'll have a baby in this house in 2 months! Craziness. But I'm ready...I think. Maybe. I don't know...just pray...haha!

Enjoy your day! xo

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  1. Love the pictures!! You are looking good for 30 weeks in already-its amazing how fast that 4o weeks/ 9 months comes!

  2. Ah, I love these!! My favorites are the last few, you all are giving attitude! You look beautiful as always and hubby is so handsome and beaming with joy and pride!!

    Enjoy the last few weeks!

  3. These pictures are beautiful! My fave, is the one with the date on the bottom of your flats!

    Rachel Ashley

  4. lol how were you able to squat like that, i can't even tie my shoes anymore without help. lol! But you look gorgeous!!

  5. Wonderful pictures! I love your blue dress, and you are such a beautiful pregnant lady! :-) I really like the idea of writing the due date on the bottom of your shoes. So cool!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ USS Crafty

  6. Oh my goodness I love these, you guys look amazing! She's very creative!

  7. Ok.. Let me just say that you are GORGEOUS! I loved every photo. My favorites are the ones where the due date is on your shoes, the one where you're facing the cam but he isn't and he's holding you, and the one where you all are belly to belly. These are amazing!

  8. Don't worry about picture overload - your pics are so cute! I love that blue dress that you are wearing and I love the pose with the cute little banner! You are so close - I am so excited for you!

    P.S. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  9. LOL. So funny that you said you two weren't feeling each other. I know all about those feelings. Gorgeous pictures though!


  10. These photos are to die for hands down. Photographer friend noted* Happy parenthood guys. God bless. xo


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