Ode to My Favorite Twins

So if you follow me on Instagram...or if you know me personally...you know that I have a major crush on Tia & Tamera. I seriously love everything about them. I've always said that there are no celebrities that I would really care to meet or freak out over...with the exception of these two. 

Allow me to explain why I love them so...

#1. They love their family. They not only have a deliciously amazing, brutally honest, and hilarious bond as sisters, but they adore their husbands and their precious baby boys. I love watching them balance their roles as wives, mothers, sisters, and friends along with their successful careers. 

#2. Um, hello style icons. I am in LOVE with their style. So pulled together yet so effortless. They seriously look amazing in everything they wear...from day time casual chic to evening glam. Their style is fabulous in every way. Tia seems to be much more of a risk taker where Tamera seems to opt for a more conservative boho look. Both styles are fab and suits their personalities so well. I'd honestly love to shop either of their closets.

#3. That hilarious laugh. It cracks me up. So funny how tickled they become at corny jokes. And love how they can totally laugh at themselves.

#4. So talented. They really are. They're great actresses. They can sing. They have a hit reality show. They have a great life & style blog. And they're ultimate entrepreneurs. They've written books, filmed yoga videos, and created all natural products for moms. Again, all while balancing marriage, babies, family, and friendships. AND looking fab at the same dang time.

#5. Jerome's in the houssssssseee! Love, love, love their relationship with their cousin, Jerome. They get SO excited when he comes to visit. They're like 3 peas in a pod...yes 3 peas. ;) And it cracks me up how they're always sniffing him. haha! Love seeing the three of them together.

There are so many more reasons to love them...too many to list in one blog post. But in case you weren't completely clear of my love for them before...you should be clear now. Seriously...what's not to love? ;)

Do share...who's your celeb crush?

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  1. Yes, I have come to love them through the reality show! Very stylish ladies and business minded! I'm a twin too and sometimes I wish he was a girl!!

  2. LOVE THEM!!


  3. Girl I am with you. They are so beautiful and I love their style. I grew up watching them on Sister Sister. It was my favorite show. Thanks for posting their blog! I am going to go check it out.


  4. What a great post! They are very loveable ladies. They always make me smile when I watch them. I love that they seem down to earth.

  5. I have loved them since Sister,Sister! And their show is such a breathe of fresh air from all of the other crazy reality shows!

    Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole

  6. I LOVE Tia & Tamera too! I watch their show all the time, love their relationship as sisters. I always thought having a twin would be so much fun.


  7. Yes!! They are some of my fave reality TV stars. It's great to know that they've been around for this long without having to display all the drama and nonsense that other shows promote.


  8. These girls are like my fav fav twins ever love sister sister they are seriously hilarious! go home Roger!! ok yea love everything about them especially their faith wow yea guys pshew! that was close my other twins are tessan and tami chin love u guys they are Jamaicans like me of course and my baby tessan is on the VOICE woohoo!! got all four coaches to turn around begging her to pick them haha that was fun anyway these two twins have alot in common duh! their bond as sisters their love for their children and hubbies / fam etc the way in which they balance their careers and personal life wow! such sweet spirits omg! amjust so excited :D


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