One Man's Junk is My Treasure

We've been in our house now for a little over 3 months. Before we moved in to the house, we sold a lot of our old furniture and started with a blank canvas. I bought the old furniture shortly after I graduated from college and, needless to say, my style has evolved quite a bit over the years. I knew it would drive me a little bit crazy to have to start fresh with a mostly empty house...I am definitely that girl that likes to buy and decorate everything at once. But there are only so many hours in a day and, last time I checked, money doesn't grow on trees. So I put a plan together to tackle one room at a time.

As time went on, I realized that I needed to get smarter with my purchases. Meaning everything didn't have to be brand new. Most of the stuff in my house came from my favorite discount stores like World Market, Target, Home Goods, Marshall's, Kirkland's,, etc. But even shopping at those places can get pricey...especially when it comes to purchasing bigger pieces of furniture. 

Soooo I turned to thrifting and rehabbing used furniture. I found that the hardest part is finding good solid pieces but, once you score a diamond in the ruff, you're golden. As much as I would've loved to paint the pieces I found myself, my hubby wasn't having it, so I set out to find someone locally that could paint and/or reupholster for me. I found a sweet lady named Lisa of Heavenly Tresors' Designs and the rest is history.  

Here are a few before & after pics of the pieces Lisa painted/reupholstered for me:

See my dining room inspiration here.


Lisa does beautiful work at extremely affordable prices. I love how everything turned out! If you live in the DFW area, check her out. She's amazing to work with!

My hubby also gets a well-deserved shout out for spray painting a couple of pieces for the nursery.

My parents gave us an old glider and ottoman...hubby spray painted it a glossy white.

And I found this little side table on clearance at Target and he spray painted it gold. 

I find myself bypassing retail stores for thrifted furniture pieces these days. I mean seriously...why spend an arm and a leg for furniture when you don't have to?! Loving how everything is coming together in the house!

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  1. Friend, you are doing an amazing job of up-cycling and rehabbing furniture. I love watching you turn your house into a home! Every piece is amazing!

  2. You are amazing!! Those pieces look great!

  3. Angela, please don't post anymore pictures of your refurbished furniture. It is too tempting. Everything looks amazing! I am about to buy everything at the nearest thrift store and then call Lisa!


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