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Once upon a time, blogging was everything to me. It was my creative outlet. A place to share my thoughts on style, faith, family, friends, DIY, and the like. And then...I had a baby. And suddenly, my weekly blog posts turned into every other week blog posts. Then eventually monthly blog posts. And before I knew it, a whole year had passed since I blogged last. Some days I miss it. But most days, I don't think much about blogging. Because you know is just busy. And when I actually get to sit down and breathe for a second, the last thing I think about is blogging.

But...I do want to find a way to fit it back into my routine. I don't know...I'll figure it out at some point. In the mean time, for those who faithfully followed or subscribed, I figured I'd bring you a life update.

Let's start with family. Family is wonderful, crazy, and frustrating. I'm sure you can relate.

Marriage is pretty good these days. I shared awhile back that we were in a weird spot. I think we were just trying to figure out life with a baby. And there was a lot of selfishness going on. But at some point, we trusted the Lord and started believing the best in one another. We found our way and started to actually implement all some of the nuggets and tools we've collected over the years. Grateful for my man. He's a good one most days. ha.

My baby is now a toddler. A beautiful, rambunctious, talkative,  and tantrum-throwing pro. She fills me up in so many ways, but drains me all the same. I love watching her grow and become such a fun little person.

Kendall, my bonus child, has lived with us full-time since December. She might be one of the smartest, most talented kids I know. But she struggles socially and relationally which manifests itself in lots of ways. Most of those 'ways' test my patience. Heck, they test every single one of the fruits of the Spirit. Every. Single. One. Having her with us full-time has been quite an adjustment for all of us, but we've all grown in the process. Including her. And that keeps me encouraged.


Next week, I will celebrate my 9th anniversary at my company. 9 years. Craziness. Some days it feels like 9 years have gone by, other days it feels like I just graduated from college and started working here. I'm grateful for all of it though. I've learned a lot here.

Then, there's this new-found passion.

The very thought of network marketing used to make me cringe. I never wanted to knock anyone's hustle, but I hated being invited to parties and such because I always felt such pressure to buy something I knew I didn't want, need, or would use.

And then God brought Plexus Worldwide into my life. A company built on integrity. A company that allows you to start a business for $34.95. A company that promotes health from the inside out, starting with gut health. I have encountered testimonies of people who were really sick...and I don't mean 'runny nose' sick...I mean chronic pain and autoimmune disease sick...and someone along the way shared Plexus with them, and now they are healthier than ever. No more prescription drugs and no more pain. And even better, people are losing 40, 50, 75, 100, 150 pounds of weight that they could not get off with regular diet and exercise, or any other weight loss or supplement system. So this is my help people find freedom from all of the things that ail them physically and financially.

I shared my 'why' with friends via YouTube. Check it out.

So that's life in a nutshell. Still finding my way. I want this life of mine to reflect Jesus and honor God. It's a marathon, yet tomorrow is not promised. So I'm doing my best to live boldly and not allow the little stuff to weigh me down.

As far as this little blog is concerned...stay tuned. I hope to be back again soon. xo


  1. Hi there! Miss you! I can't believe we have 20 month olds! You are looking great, looking forward to seeing more of you :)

  2. I'm glad you are back!


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