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Hello lovelies!
It's Monday...all. over. again. 

Although I am grateful for a great career, the fact that I have to work 5 out of the 7 days of the week just doesn't sit well with me! haha! 4 days a week is plenty. Am I alone ladies?

So I have a few updates for you + an outfit I was miraculously able to pull together...with only the top being "maternity". It was totally an accident because this is not what I was planning to wear that day, but I loved the outcome. Anyway, more outfit details later.

Have a few updates for you:

1. We closed on our house last Thursday! Yay! We got the keys to the house the same day and will be moving this week. We're both sooo excited. So many decisions to make though...paint colors, landscaping, furniture, decor, which room to design first, etc, etc. I have this overwhelming urge to get it all done NOW. I hear they call it "nesting" in pregnancy land. I have to keep reminding myself that I need to pace myself...oh yeah, and that I'm not a millionaire and can't afford to decorate a whole house in one week. 

2. I'm going to Toronto next week for work. It's an overnight trip, too, so it should be interesting. Seriously...who goes all the way to Canada for one night? This girl does. Well, my boss says I have to, so I guess I should obey. I need to remember to drink lots of water. I traveled to California for work last week and didn't feel so well the whole time I was there. Had a little bit of cramping when I got home. I called my doc and she said it was because I'm not drinking enough water. And she's right. Gotta do better.

3. Ummm...this girl whose had an innie all her life...now has an outie...thanks to Baby Webb! I feel somewhat exposed. Like I'm showing too much cleavage or something, you know? Or like I'm wearing a bra with no padding and it's cold in the room...and maybe I'm a little "nipply". My hubby says I should put tape over it...but how uncomfortable would that be?! Guess I better get used to this thing sticking out because I've got 4+ more months to go.

4. I'm 22 weeks today. My next OB appointment is tomorrow and I get to hear my girl's heart beat again. Hearing her moving around in there with a strong heart beat almost brings me to tears every time. Can't wait to meet her! Check back in 2 weeks for my 24 week update.

5. Mother's Day this year was fab! Hubby had some training at his reserve unit during the day on Saturday and Sunday, so we decided to invite our moms out to the Saturday evening service at our church and dinner after church. It was a good time. I feel so blessed to be able to celebrate our moms for another year. To top it all off, I got a couple of sweet "mommy-to-be" cards and text messages from friends and my hubby. It was a fun weekend for sure!

This is one of my fave skirts! Pretty sure it was halfway unzipped all day but thanks to this long and thick maternity tee from Target, I was able to pull it off without exposing myself! yay! This will definitely be the last time I wear it until after the baby comes, though. ;)

.:: Details ::.
mint cardigan: GAP Outlet
grey v-neck tee: Tar-jay {Liz Lange Maternity}
pleated maxi skirt: Bebe
belt: off of a dress {I think?}
necklace: Anthropologie {old}
watch: Michael Kors
wedges: BCBG Girls Outlet

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! 

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  1. you look so cute! love the shades of blue :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  2. You look great and im with you on the 4 day work week.

  3. Cute! Congrats on the home! I am house hunting now...can't wait to find my dream house. www.pynkkrush.blogspot.com

  4. Very cute outfit! I'm 21 weeks and well on my way to an outtie belly button too! Yikes! I'm going to feel the exact same way as you! I actually asked my husband if I could put tape over it...LOL. You look great!

  5. OMG!!!!!! Screaming CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!!! So happy for you guys, I'm just getting the news, better late than never right?!? you look BEAUTIFULLY RADIANT, and you wear your belly well too :)… you go chile!

    SN: LOVED THE GENDER REVEAL PARTY, those occasions are always so sweet!
    Maya D

  6. Super cute outfit and since I haven't stopped by in a while, congratulations on everything!!! You have so many exciting things going on right now! Also, I had an outie for the first time when I was pregnant too and it made me feel so awkward at times because it was very noticeable but I refused to put take over it!

  7. OMG!!! You look totally adorable. You make 'pregnant' look great!!!


    1. I agree! You make pregnant look amazing!

  8. Super cuteness! I am pinning this outfit!


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