February, March & April Budget Recap

Let me just warn you now that this is a LONG post. Lots of words. But I've been slacking on posting monthly so I figured I should get it all out of the way then start fresh again for May. So don't grow weary & read on. ;)


February was a R-O-U-G-H month for me. I initially had no intention of sticking with my self-imposed shopping ban. I found out I was expecting in mid-January and shortly after that the fatigue and the all-day nausea set in like a MOTHER. I had ZERO motivation to even shop online. I just wanted to sleep and longed for the sickness to go some-flippin-where. So in summary, Baby Webb saved me $75 in February. ;)

:: MARCH ::

I definitely got back into the swing of things in March. I found enough energy to visit my local GAP Outlet and Target and bought my first maternity pieces online at Old Navy.

1. Target Men's Camo Button-Down Shirt :: $16.88 clearance (not available online). I had my eye on this shirt when it first arrived at my local Target but decided I didn't want it bad enough to pay $25 for it. I knew quantities were limited, yet I still couldn't bring myself to buy it. It eventually dropped down to $17, so I decided to go back for it. But of course, a size small was no where to be found so I opted for the medium. I didn't mind that it fit loosely. I wore it for my pregnancy announcement pics. I envision wearing it over a pale pink maxi dress...yep, I think that would be cute.

2. Anthropologie Layered Necklace :: $38 (not available online). I just love a dainty necklace. And I love the versatility of this necklace with the 3 different colored stones.

3. H&M Beige Top w/Lace Neckline Detail :: $5 (not available online). Stretchy + neutral color + $5...need I say more?

4. GAP Outlet Navy Polka Dot Blazer :: $19.99 (not available online). I love a nice-fitting blazer so I was immediately drawn to this polka dot one. Although I've only worn it once, I consider it a staple piece in my closet and will likely wear it throughout the summer.

5. H&M Pink Top w/Sheer Neckline :: $12.95 (not available online). I was looking for a casual but feminine pink top to pair with my striped eShakti skirt and I thought this top was the perfect compliment. I wore it a couple weeks later for our gender reveal party. It has plenty of "give" so I hope to be able to wear it a few more times before my belly gets too big.

6. Old Navy Maternity Gray Striped Tee :: $14.94. Just a casual top to wear under a cardi now or by itself with cropped jeans or shorts this summer. It's really light weight so hopefully it'll keep me cool this summer. Bonus: Pretty sure this top is less than $15 now.

7. Old Navy Maternity Striped Knit Dress :: $10. Stripes, cotton & $10...need I say more?

8. GAP Outlet Striped Dress :: $14.75 (not available online). Loved the feel and fit of this dress. So I bought it. :)

9. Old Navy Maternity Printed Cropped Pants :: $28. I just love a cute pair of printed pants. And they can be dressed up or down.

10. Old Navy Maternity Polka Dot Tank :: $12.94. Another light weight top for summer. I picture myself sipping on lemonade in this tank paired with red shorts and a denim jacket on the 4th of July. Yes. I see it.

11. GAP Outlet Mint Cardigan :: $19.99 (not available online). I love GAP's cardigans. Good quality and they come in every possible color. Believe it or not, this is my first article of clothing in this popular shade. And I've worn it several times since I bought it. Score.

12. Not pictured: Old Navy Olive Green Striped Tank :: $12.94 (no longer available online).

Old Navy :: $84.50 (including tax) LESS $50 Gift Card LESS $10 Rewards = $24.50
GAP Outlet :: $59.09 (including tax)
Target :: $33.63 (including tax)
Anthropologie :: $41.14 (including tax)
H&M :: $19.43 (including tax)

I had $75 to start with for March + $75 left over from February + the $39.69 of merchandise sold from my store. So I actually ended up coming in UNDER budget (hey-o) in March by $11.90. Yay me! Sadly, it it all went down hill in April. :|

:: APRIL ::

1. Forever 21 Butterfly Print Layered Dress :: $29.80. Did you catch my recent rant about maternity clothes? Well, I stumbled in Forever 21 a couple weekends ago and came across some of the cutest flowy non-maternity dresses. I bought a size bigger and it fit very loosely over my baby bump. Yes!

2. Forever 21 Sheer Maxi Dress :: $32.80. Another pretty flowy dress! Looking forward to wearing this pretty little thing.

3. Forever 21 Floral Peplum Blazer :: $32.80. I was pretty proud of myself for finding this much more affordable version of this fab floral Zara blazer. What's that you ask?...Would I prefer the Zara blazer over this one?...Um, heck yeah. Zara's version has much more of a structured look and fit, which I love, but I'm even more in love with the fact that I saved almost $70 on the Forever 21 version. Holler.

4. GAP Outlet Denim Jacket :: $35.99 :: originally $59.99 (not available online | similar option at regular GAP stores). Pretty sure I've worn this jacket 100 times since I bought it 2 weeks ago. Totally a purchase I can justify. Totally.

5. Francesca's Collections Necklace :: $12.98 (not available online). I just thought it was pretty...so I bought it.

6. Francesca's Collections Green Island Necklace :: $22. I walked in Franceca's and this necklace was screaming at me..."put me on...put me ON!!". So I did. And she went home with me. After I paid for it, of course.

7. Belly Belt :: $19.95. Wasn't quite ready to splurge on maternity slacks for work. I came across this genius invention a couple weeks ago and it has proven to be the best 20 bucks I've spent in awhile.

8. Not pictured: BCBG Girls Outlet Wedges :: $63.60. Soooo...did I need another pair of wedges? Probably not. But they just looked SO cute on my freshly pedicured feet. Don't judge me.

Drum roll....

Forever 21 :: $103.27 (including tax)
GAP Outlet :: $38.96 (including tax)
Francesca's :: $37.87 (including tax)
Motherhood Maternity :: $21.59 (including tax)
BCBG Girls Outlet :: $68.85 (including tax)

Okkkkkkkk...so as you can see I went OVER my budget this month by $195. Yikes. Does it make a difference that I did most of this damage during my annual girls weekend trip? I guess it probably doesn't. But seriously...what's a girls trip without SHOPPING? Yeah, maybe not a good excuse. I'll do better in May. I promise. Most of these shopping shenanigans will come to end temporarily any way since I have a house to decorate and a baby on the way to buy for.

HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE, ladies. $75/month is the budget I set, so $75 is what I need to stick to. No excuses.

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