Resolution Revolution 2013: January Blog Hop

I am TER-RI-BLE when it comes to resolutions. Terrible. But I seem to be able to wrap my head around the idea of goals a little better. And believe me when I say that I am a hot mess and always need to be working on improving myself, so goals it is.

It's the end of December.
About halfway through my 2 week Christmas break.
I'm on my comfortable couch.
Watching way too much TV.
And it dawns on me. Resolutions? No...GOALS.
Yes, goals.
But not just goals, INTENTIONAL GOALS.

For me, intentional goals are goals that are very specific and attainable. Not something generic like, be nicer to people. ha!

So as I sat on my couch, I thought about several areas (finances, faith, marriage, parenting, etc) that I wanted to work on this year. And came up with 10 Intentional Goals for 2013.

Like most of you, I was super pumped about the goals I set. But we ALL know how easy it is to completely lose sight of our resolutions or goals by the middle of January. Never to be looked at or discussed again until the end of the year. Major fail. So when my good blogger friend, LaNesha, over at We are the Tabbs suggested that a few of us do a resolution blog hop, I jumped on board. Accountability is sooo important when it comes to keeping your word or accomplishing your goals, so what better way to stay on top of our goals/resolutions in 2013 than a monthly blog hop! Genius, I tell you.

I won't bore you with an update on all 10 of my goals.
I'll just touch on a few.

{1} Starting with my Project 52 challenge. It's going well so far. I'm supposed to be reading daily, but there have definitely been a few days that have gotten busy and I ended up skipping a day (or two). So I find myself doing a little cramming here and there. So far, I made it through Genesis & half way through Exodus. This is the first time since I accepted Christ as Lord & Savior 9 years ago that I'm not only reading the entire Bible cover to cover but also reading daily (well, regularly). I know...shameful. :)

{2} Next up...reject passive aggression. ;) If you recall from my original goals post, I believe God has strategically placed A LOT of passive aggressive people in my life to reveal to me that I too am passive aggressive. Ugh. I have definitely been working on NOT being passive aggressive and addressing conflict head love, of course. I've noticed that my hubby is the primary victim of my passive aggression. Poor guy. What can I say though? I'm working on it.

{3} And last but not least, stick to my monthly shopping budget & make smart purchases. So far, so good on this one. I've spent most of my budget this month on sponsoring blogs, gifts for my Cara Box match, and giveaways. But I'm still on budget. Yay me!


  1. i am sooo with you on the passive aggressive-ness. only...i have a baby to speak through so it makes it WORSE! lol. we'll keep each other accountable with that! :)

  2. I'm not big on doing resolutions either but I really like the idea of goals. I set a budget for shopping really helps!

    The Tiny Heart
    January Group Giveaway!

  3. Hello from a new follower via Resolution bloghop! love the post and I encourage you to keep up the good work on your goals! Especially the passive aggression- I'm in the same boat. =)


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