To Trend...Or Not to Trend?

...that is the question.

Before we get to this week's topic, let's do a little recap:
And this week's topic is:

Trends I LOVE,
Haven't Yet Tried,
But Definitely Plan to Try Soon 

To be honest, there aren't very many trends I haven't tried. But for one reason or another, there are a few that I like...and have liked for awhile...but they normally get trumped by my tried and true trends. I think I've finally gotten to a place where I'm content with my ridiculous collection of stripes, polka dots, colored denim, and blazers...and now it's time to make room for the love, haven't tried, but definitely plan to try soon trends.

{1} Boot Socks.
I actually didn't like boot socks for a LONG time.
But they've grown on me.
And I'm ready to give them a shot.

{2} Combat Boots.
I've always loved combat boots. Always.
After all, I'm an ARMY brat...turned ARMY (reserves) wife.
It's like a farmer's wife not having a pair of Cowboy boots.
It's just...wrong. So I think it's time. Don't you?

{3} Animal Graphic Sweater.
Until recently I didn't love or hate animal graphic sweaters.
But now, for some reason, I'm in love.
Too bad I can't find one anywhere. :|

{4} Patterned Tights.
I have actually bought patterned tights in the past.
I tend to play it safe and go with solid color tights.
But I think it's time to put my big girl panties on and take a "risk".
Honestly dangerous can patterned tights really be?

{5} Jeweled Collars.
Who doesn't love a sweater with a built-in necklace?
I sure the heck do.
Adding to my list pronto.

{6} Mint.
I'm not fearful of color.
I heart color.
But for whatever reason, I haven't taken the mint plunge.
Time to go there.'s time.

Next week's {To Trend...Or Not To Trend?} topic: 
 Trends That Took Me Awhile To Adopt...
But Now I'm a Believer

What trends have you not tried but plan to try soon?


  1. Really feeling the Boot Socks! Love em Love em!! Never tried it though.

  2. I LOVE the jeweled collars and have actually been stalking them. Here's a site that I love!

    I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Don't know how to wear them but I'm sure you will rock it well! :)

  3. I've been lusting over a pir of combat boots! Almost bought a pair while I was Christmas shopping, but went with a pair of wingtip oxfords instead becauseI knew I would wear them more. I'm still stalking them!

    And that sweater is too cute! When I finally decided I wanted one, they were all sold out at Old Navy! Guess I'll have to catch the next wave!

  4. These are all fun trends. I love rocking a pattern tight with a solid dress.


  5. I really like this series! I try not to do trends that often (because I am boring). I like of all these a lot but I don't think I can do any of them. Isn't that so lame? I really need to get out of the box more haha

  6. I love all of those trends!! The jeweled collar is one that I have been on the look out for... I think its fab!!


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