An Announcement

Hello darlings!
It's been toooo long since I last posted. 
Things have been a tad hectic for me lately.
Lots going on.

Let me start with the exciting stuff...WE'RE EXPECTING! Yay!
As of yesterday, I'm 16 weeks preggers. 

I'm pretty "regular" so I knew the day I missed my cycle (in January) that something was up. Hubby convinced me to take a pregnancy test a couple days after I missed it and sure enough...POSITIVE!

The first trimester was ROUGH, y'all. I'm a terrible sick person and I'm a little lazy. I enjoy a good nap more than the average person, so pregnancy threw me a major curve ball. Seemed like the day after I took the test, the nausea set in. And all of a sudden, getting out of bed in the morning was a task. A serious task.

On top of being dog sick, we were notified that our CARES Program was ending early (April 1st instead of September 1st) so we immediately started looking for a house. We started looking in mid-February...and are still on the hunt. Turns out the economy is picking up and we just happen to live in an area that is booming right now...lots of buyers and not enough houses to go around. We've actually put offers on several homes to no avail. Apparently, people think it's cool to offer above asking price these days. Crazy, right? Anyway, there's a house in particular that we're zero-ing in on, so we're hopeful. And trusting the Lord no matter what happens. In the mean time, we're not homeless, so we're good.

So these are my reasons for taking a blogging break. Seems like there's been a major baby boom in blog land lately. And I seriously admire all of the lovely bloggers that continued to blog regularly despite miserable first trimesters. I. just. couldn't. do. it. My energy was completely zapped. It was honestly a miracle that I was even able to make it to work most days.

Since I'm feeling much better (finally!), I plan to start blogging more regularly. Maybe not 3 times a week like before, but at least once a week...I'm sure. I'm glad to be back. :)


Due date?
September 16th

How far along?
16 weeks + 1 day

Any raw vegetable (mostly cucumbers and broccoli) drenched in low-fat Italian dressing.

How I feel?
BETTER! Thank you, Jesus. Still a little tired, but much better.

Yep, I have a little bump. My doc says I'm showing early for a first pregnancy. She said most first pregnancies don't start showing until 20 weeks. Maybe that means baby will be big...yikes.

Not feeling any movement yet. Looking forward to that first kick or punch, though. :)

We find out next Friday, April 12th. So excited!

Looking forward to?
Shopping for baby & designing the nursery.

Sleeping OK?
Yep, still sleeping OK. I wake up every night around 3 or 4 to use the bathroom. It's been hard to go back to sleep a few nights, but overall, sleep is good still.

I covet your prayers over the next few months. Last year in January, I had a miscarriage so the first trimester was a little nerve wrecking for me. But I keep reminding myself that God is sovereign and gracious and we'll be OK no matter what happens. Of course I would be SAD if something did happen, but OK, nonetheless.

I'll have a couple more posts for you this week and I'll be back next week with my weekly Project 52 challenge posts. Thank you for hanging in there with me. 

P.S. The announcement pics were taken by my very good friend Kim who blogs over at Team Howard: Life Behind the Lens. She's a rock star! If you live in the Allen/McKinney/Plano/Frisco, TX area, check her out!


  1. Aww, I'm excited for y'all. Even more excited that the baby will be a September baby.

  2. Congratulations! Are you planning to find out the sex or let it be a surprise?

  3. Yay! So glad to see you blogging and thanks for the shout out on the pictures! I'm so excited for the two of you! I'm sure I've told you enough of that in person, but just thought I'd let you know again! Love ya!

  4. Girl, this is my 2nd time trying to comment on this post...ughh.

    Anywho, You look radiant! This must be baby season! And you look good at 16 weeks and I look like hippo now at 20 weeks..

    Kim did a great job, this looks fANTASTIC AND ADORABLE!


    You will feel that kick pretty soon, and you will know exactly what it is...its not

    Congrats, Angela!


  5. Hi there! I found you through Random Wednesday, we are exactly 1 week apart in our due dates! I too took a blogging break because of morning sickness, it's the pits right?! Glad that you are feeling better. Love how you met your husband, very cute!

  6. Oh forgot to say CONGRATS! New squishy babies are the best!

  7. Congratulations!! I had a feeling an announcement would be coming soon with your lack of post and I was right!!

    And your due date is my birthday as well!! Can't wait to see if you'll have another little miss running around or a little boy.

  8. You know when I read this I cried! lol!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Congratulations! The photos are adorable!

    More Modern Modesty

  10. YAY!! Congrats to you and your hubby!! I am so excited for you. You look so beautiful.

    I pray that you have an enjoyable pregnancy. Glad that you are back.

  11. Congratulations!! Welcome to the parenthood club!!

  12. Yea here comes baby Webb xoxoxo congrats guys


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