High Five for Friday

Hey there!
It's Friday, y'all! Thank GOD!
It's been a long but GREAT week for me....allow me to share my top 5 highs of the week.

#1. 12th times a charm! Woo hoo! After searching high and low for a house the past 2 months...and 12 offers later (yes, TWELVE), we have a house! Trying to gear up for the not-so-fun stuff...coughing up lots of money, inspection, closing, etc, etc. But we're excited to get in and get settled. Yay! More to come on that. And maybe even some before and after home projects here on the blog. Can't wait. :)

#2. Had an OB appointment today and got to see our growing baby. Based on the sonogram, Baby Webb is healthy and growing as he/she should. We're having a gender reveal party tomorrow afternoon with family. The anticipation is growing. Glad I only have to wait 1 day to find out the gender...I don't think I could've made it longer than that. Look for a post next week on Baby Webb's gender and all the fun details of the reveal party.  

#3. Still wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes. For some reason, this is somewhat of a victory for me. Maternity clothes aren't that fun (or affordable in most cases) so I'm going to ride this wave as long as I can.

#4. Ran out and got a much needed mani/pedi at lunch today. The nail tech told me I had nice nail beds. First time I've ever been complimented on my...nail beds. :) I'll take it, though. 

#5. It's been a blissful week in marriage land. Hubby and I started this pregnancy on a pretty rough note, but with prayer and lots of encouragement from the community around us, things are looking up. Now for a truth moment: I can be very controlling and demeaning sometimes, which doesn't work well with husbands...or anyone for that matter. But I'm learning, you guys. One day at a time. And I'm thankful for a guy who loves me despite my uber irritatingly controlling nature.

P.S. How cute is that picture of him? Sooo cute. He has the best smile!

So tell me...how was your week?


  1. My week has been good, but not as good as your seems to have been!! Congrats on the house, the curb appeal is beautiful. The gender reveal party sure will be fun, I'm sure-I'm like you I don't see how people go their whole 9 months without knowing!! Looking forward to seeing how things go with your new home and seeing if your having a Bouncing Boy or a Fancy little girl!

  2. Sounds like a great week. You two picked out a GORGEOUS home!! I can't wait to see updates, projects, the baby's gender, etc. My week has been trying so I'm living vicariously through my happy blogger friends!


  3. Aww Congrats! I'm a new reader! And you are right, maternity clothes are drab! They are soooooo big and tent like lol

  4. Your house is gorgeous congratulations!!!!!!!

  5. New follower! I loved all of your choices! Congrats on the house and the baby. I hope all goes well with your party!

    Check out my H54F.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  6. Awww, you guys are making me emotional....congrats on the house Cuz! I will get to see a baby, a house and The Webb's simply being parents on my next visit, can't wait!!!!!

  7. Yay for finding a house! We are currently in the house hunting process in Austin, and are experiencing the rejection of our perfectly good, over asking price offers. It's heartbreaking to say the least, but I'm glad to see you finally won out- it's a beautiful place! We will keep our fingers crossed that we too have our lucky day :)

    Secondhand Magpie

  8. What a great post. so many wonderful things happening in your life at one time. What a blessing!


  9. Angie this is a beautiful post! Praise God for His many blessings and Congrats on such a wonderful Friday!

  10. I adore love, true genuine love and you guys are a blessing. My soon to be hubby and I are already having fights and I feel frustrated sigh! We are praying though and trusting God that we will overcome not by our might or power but by his spirit. Thanks again for being open. xoxoxo love lots. You know this is your little personal 101 ministry.


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