Weekend Round-Up

Hey girl, hey? How was your weekend?? Here's a recap of mine!


Went to work, of course. And had more work to do than I had hours in the day. What's new? I considered taking some days off this holiday week, but I decided against it so I can catch up while it's quiet in the office. Hopefully I'll actually get some work done and not be sucked in by the infamous blog monster...man...there are just so many great blogs out there...I could literally spend my days just reading blogs. But reading blogs doesn't pay the bills...not my bills anyway.

This was my OOTD:

sweater: Target (old)
t-shirt: Forever 21 (old)
cords: GAP Outlet
belt: Old Navy
flats: Forever 21 (here)
jewels: Francesca's Collections

After work, Q and I headed over to Naan Sushi to celebrate the birthday of our friend, Ernesto! It was a fun time.


Saturday was mostly a lazy day. Later on in the afternoon, I stopped by Old Navy to check out their half off sale. I bought Kendall a few things...and bought myself a couple things, as well. I just couldn't help myself. ;) What can I say? I love a good sale.

We capped the evening with our life group.


Went to the early service for the first time...ever. If I was a morning person, I would totally go to the morning service more often. There's something so great about getting to church early and having the rest of your day to do whatever you need to do to prepare for your week.

After church, I stopped by CVS to stock up on my Neutrogena cleansing & make-up removal wipes. My skincare regimen is VERY simple, so you'll probably never see a blog post about beauty products from me. I live for those make-up wipes, though. I just can't seem to get my make-up off good enough with soap and water. :|

Like Walmart and Target, I rarely come out of CVS with only the stuff I went in for...today's impulse buy was nail polish. I'm terrible with my nails...I love a good mani, but would rather spend my money on a cute pair of shoes. And I rarely paint my own nails because I dread removing the polish once it starts chipping. I know...first world problems, right? Anyway, as soon as I got home, I found some motivation to polish my nails with my new polish. Yay for pretty nails!

On Sunday afternoon, with the help of amazing volunteers from our church, we served our community a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Pretty sure I've never shared with you that my hubby and I are a CARES team at an apartment community in Allen...wanna know more about this amazing program? Check it out here.

Have an awesome holiday week!


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  1. those flats are adorable! xo


  2. Super cute outfit!! I want to be like you when I grow up!! :)


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