Beautiful, But Ohhh So Overpriced!

One word: Anthropologie. I love Anthropologie & its modest, yet unique and vintage-y flair. Everything in that store is simply gorge. Everything. BUT with the exception of a monogrammed coffee cup or a frilly notepad, the stuff in there is SO overpriced! If I had $400 to spend on a dress I would go to Neiman's...not Anthropologie. But to each her own.

Other than an end of season sale, I don't frequent Anthro very often. But I will occasionally browse the store (or online) for style & design inspiration. Matter of fact, I stopped by there today and fell in love with quite a few things.

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Isn't this stuff beautiful, y'all? A girl can dream, right? For now, I'll stick with Target, Old Navy, GAP Outlet, Marshall's, Forever 21, TJ Maxx Home Goods, etc, etc.

Which overpriced or high-end store(s) make you want to break the bank?


P.S. One more thing. I've noticed a trend/store favorite among style bloggers...J.Crew. And frankly, I don't get it. Why spend $150 on a sweater when you can get a MUCH more affordable version at Old Navy, GAP, or even Target? I hope you don't disown me for this confession. I just had to get it off my chest. :)


  1. I totally agree with you, friend! I recently stumbled upon a new store called "Altar'd State!" It reminds me a lot of Anthropologie, but with more affordable prices. The thing that set me over the top in love with the store though was when I heard Christian music playing and so many products with a cause. It's a really neat store. I think you'd love it!

  2. I totally agree!!

    One of my fav perfumes is only available at Saks and its $200/bottle for the smallest bottle (1.7 oz) #Ridic but I Love it lol!! So twice per year I pay the price!!

    Now clothes on the other hand I'm very apprehensive about spending too much on clothes. I do prefer quality over quantity so depending on the garment it may or may not be a good buy!

    Fashion constantly evolves so its easy to pair an expensive bag and shoes and fab accessories with a hot trend at a low cost! You just gotta be smart! Lol!!

    Love this topic!

    Relevant and real!! Lol!!

  3. I LOVE J. Crew! Let me tell you my secret: I always purchase when stuff is on sale. you can get something that is regularly $150 for $18. It's awesome! Of course, I am a cheapie. I rarely purchase anything that is overpriced unless I waited until last minute and then I have no choice but to spend. Your stores are my stores too my dear!



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