Thankful Thursday + My OOTD


Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!
I hope your day has gotten off to a great start!

I'd love to tell you that I don't take the people and things in my life for granted. But sadly, I do sometimes. Not intentionally...but it happens. Not proud of it and I'm definitely working double time to not live as if even the next 5 minutes is promised to me. 
So today I thought it was fitting to share my top 5 thanks.

{5} My Career. For a career...not just a job. For the daily challenges...some good...others I can live without. :) For the many opportunities I've had to grow as a professional. For the financial resources that enable us to give, save AND spend.

{4} My Church & Community. For growth and accountability. For loving us enough to call us out on our crap.  For caring more about our holiness than our happiness. For the life long friendships we've developed.

{3} My Beautiful Friends. For every awesome conversation...the sleepless nights spent talking about absolutely everything and absolutely nothing all at the same time. For being a shoulder to cry on. For sharing and trusting me with your intimate moments. For being authentic and real with me...even when I don't necessarily want to hear the hard truth.

{2} My Hubby & Family. For loving me. For the good times & the bad. For letting me be me....crazy ol' me. For not walking away even when things get hard. For the thousands of laughs and unforgettable memories. For happily sharing in the present moments with me. For being just as excited as I am for the future possibilities.

{1} My Savior. For His sacrifice on the cross. For His unending, unconditional love. For His grace & new mercies. For providing a life roadmap through His Word. For the eternal life He's given me.

I bought these peachy-melon-colored-cropped-skinny jeans (wow, that was a mouthful) this summer.

Unfortunately, they totally lacked remixability (is that a word?). At least that's the excuse I made up in my head considering that I wore them ONCE all summer. To be honest, too many colors and patterns thrown together kind of scare me. In my mind, I feel like a look like a skittle. Not saying it can't be done because I've seen it done on others...and done well. But when I wear colored denim, I usually chicken out and go with a neutral colored top.  I know, I know...I told y'all my style isn't daring. :) Anyway, I found the cutest knit infinity scarf at Forever 21 recently...and whadya know...peachy-melon is one of the colors in the scarf. Woot woot! I was beyond excited to pull these jeans out of summer retirement.

A little summer + a little winter = a comfy brightly colored fall ensemble!

:: Details ::
chambray top & knit scarf: Forever 21
cropped skinnies: GAP Outlet
ankle strap flats: Old Navy

And the best part of all...I can stuff myself like nobody's business today and won't need to loosen my belt! ha!

Thursday Thrills, Throwbacks & Threads will be back in regular rotation next week. See you then!



  1. Great things to be thankful for!!!

    I hope your day was fab!!

    Your OOTD is super cute!!!! I can never seem to find anything in Forever21 anymore! Guess I will try again lol!!!


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