The 12 Dates of Christmas

I was recently inspired by Michelle over at Dream Home DIY. She & her hubby created an awesome holiday tradition last year...the 12 Dates of Christmas. I actually found her fun blog via this pin on Pinterest. 

With the exception of Monday nights and every other weekend, my hubby and I are essentially kid-less the majority of the time. But we are TERRIBLE when it comes to regular date nights. It's quite sad, actually. I'm not pointing the finger at him because I could definitely step it up a notch in the romance department. 

Too often, I hear stories about couples whose relationships are void of romance and one-on-one time because of kids...too tired, too hard to find time, too difficult to find a babysitter, etc. It's important to me that we make this a priority NOW when we actually have the time, so when kids come (Lord willing), date nights remain a priority.

With Christmas right around the corner, I figured we should start this thing off with a BANG! Pow. :) So I talked to hubby the other night about the 12 Dates and he too thought it was a great idea. We decided to each come  up with 6 creative dates with a budget of $12 (or less) per date. We set the cost per date so low to force a little creativity. 

Here's MY list:
{1} Make a Gingerbread House
{2} Dessert at Cheesecake Factory (using a GC)
{3} Afternoon Trip to Klyde Warren Park
{4} Dinner at our Place with Friends
{5} Video Games (hubby loves video games!)
{6} Put Up & Decorate our Tree
(no, we still don't have our tree up...I know, shameful)

And HIS list:
{7} Candlelight Dinner
{8} Prayer Walk
{9} Dinner & Board Games with a Newlywed Couple in our Complex
{11} Movie Date (using a GC)
{12} Bible Study 

Our goal is to have all 12 dates accomplished (in no particular order) by Christmas Day!
I'm SUPER excited about this!

And we're already able to check 1 date off the list!

A drive through the Deerfield community...a subdivision nearby, known for their Christmas light displays. One home in particular has become famous (locally) for their 20-minute light show synchronized to Christmas music. It is actually pretty amazing!

 Total budget: $144 ($12 per date)
Cost of this date: $0
Total spent so far: $0

Here's to jump-starting the romance engine this holiday season! 


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  1. I LOVE this idea! not just for christmas either! it would be great to do in February to celebrate Valentine's all month long! Definitely want to try this one!

  2. Such an awesome idea! And I love the fact that you guys got started immediately! Way to go! Keep up this momentum and those 12 dates will be no problem to accomplish!

  3. This is a great idea!! I am going to share with my married buddies!! I have a confession.. I was a little sad that there was a no OOTD :( lol!!! #Shamed but I love love, especially young black love lol so this will suffice for now, lol!!!! hahahahha I hope the next 11 dates are EXTRA special!! :)

  4. Blog hopping - very nice post and good luck with the dates - lol!

  5. I've seen this idea around the blogosphere quite a bit -- and what a great one it is!

    Because my hubby is a driller on an oil rig (and therefore only home for two weeks at a time, currently), weekly date nights are at the top of our priority list when he's home. It might be fun to add a Christmas twist to them, though. :)

  6. Awe, I love this!!! Hope you guys can make your 12 dates!! Ross and I really try to get out and have alone time at least twice a month. In fact, we did it last night! Every couple needs this!! Thanks for linking up again this week!!


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