My Very 1st Guest Post + Friday's Letters

TGIF, y'all! 

Check me out TODAY over at Lovely Army Wife
for my very first guest post!
Thanks again for letting me invade your space today, Rekita!


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Dear Hubby,
Thank you for being so cute.
And for trying your very best to lead our family and be an example.
Thank you for being such a great daddy.
And for being onboard with the 12 Dates.
You'll always be my main squeeze.

And thank you for not being too cool to take ridiculous pictures like this. 
Look how serious you look next to this hottie of a statue! ha!

Dear Pinterest,
Thank you for rocking my world for the past year and a half.
You have ignited a creative spark in me I knew was there but was mostly too lazy to explore on the regular. Because of you I have all of my DIY gifts ready, ideas for my next 15 showers and dinner parties, all of my outfits planned for the next 5 years, and words of wisdom and sharp one-liners for days on end.

I recently made a DIY holiday gift for a co-worker. Thanks to you.
You're incredible. 

Dear Upcoming Vacation,
Next Wednesday at 5 p.m. seems like light years away.
Please hurry up and get here.
And when you get here, please don't go by too fast.
I've been talking about you a lot lately.
So you better not let me down.

Dear Couch,
I can't wait to lay on you everyday. 
And eat popcorn.
And watch a lot of mindless TV & Netflix.
You I & will be besties for 2 weeks.
I hope you're ready for me.


Dear ESV Study Bible,
Just 2 more weeks before I start reading you from start to finish.
I'm nervous about not sticking with you everyday.
And allowing life to trump you.
But I'm praying & hopeful.
Because I REALLY need you.
After all, you are my life road map.

Join the Project 52 challenge!
More info here & here.

Dear Dillard's New Year's Day Sale,
Please don't have so many good deals that I spend all my money on you.
My heart (and my budget) can't handle it.

And last but not least....
Linking up with Two Thirty-Five Designs for Casual Friday!

.:: Details ::.
top: H&M | vest: Old Navy | belt: GAP Outlet | pants: Marshall's | flats: Nine West

Have a great weekend, loves!



  1. Love the outfit! And hope your vacation is wonderful! ;)

  2. Congrats on your first guest post! Love your friday letters! You know I can't wait for that Dillard's New Years Day sale!

  3. Smiles. I can't manage so many deals at once either :( but love the way in which you appreciate your hubby and congrats on your first guess post.


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