Living Intentionally in 2013

I am ter-ri-ble with resolutions. Probably because I NEVER follow through with them. So instead of listing a bunch of fluffy resolutions, I've compiled a list of 10 intentional goals for 2013.

1. {Less me. More God. More others.}

I'm challenging myself to serve God & others through weekly random acts of kindness. Writing more letters & thank you cards. Paying for strangers' coffee at Starbucks. Giving up a close parking spot to the car behind me. Taping a dollar to a vending machine, etc, etc.

2. {Daily spiritual food}

Wanna know more about my 2013 Project 52 challenge?
Read about it here & here.
And join me!

3. {Reject passive-aggression}

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I'm kind of passive-aggressive. Yet, I DESPISE passive-aggression. For some reason, God saw fit to put a LOT of passive-aggressive people in my path. And through those relationships, I realized that I struggle with it, too. Some people are SUPER passive-aggressive. I, on the other hand, am more of an undercover passive-aggressor. ;) Either way, it's a sucky way to be. So this year, I am rejecting passive-aggression. No sassy emails or text messages. Or cutting, below-the-belt comments. If I have an issue with something or someone, I will: 1) pray first; 2) pick up the phone or schedule a coffee date to have the tough discussion.

4. {Stick to my monthly clothing budget & make smart purchases}

When I shop, I don't necessarily have a plan. I just buy things that are cute...and on sale. But no more of that in 2013. I've been inspired by a couple of bloggers (Franziska of Franish & Kimmie of Blue Paper Lanterns) to set and stick to a monthly clothing budget, keep track of my purchases, AND keep a running list of items I need want to round out my closet.

5. {Share my faith more}

This one's pretty self-explanatory. Each opportunity I pass up to share my faith with someone is like me saying Jesus, I appreciate you dying on the cross for my sins and all, but not enough to share the same hope of eternal life with someone else. Shame on me. And yes, I have a fear of rejection, but if it's really about God, who cares? Need to work a little harder at removing myself from the situation and just be obedient.

6. {Work through my inventory & make amends}

In 2011, I went through a year long 12-step Christ-centered recovery program to identify the areas of my life that were holding me back from loving God & others...and making amends with those I've hurt and who have hurt me. I learned that I struggle with trusting God in all things, which manifests itself in control, fear, shame, and people-pleasing...among other things. One of the steps in the process was putting together an inventory of people who have hurt me & vice versa. And from there, releasing those hurts to God and making amends with those people. Sadly, I skipped right over the amends part. And today, there are still a few people I have not fully forgiven. So I plan to dust that old inventory off and work on making amends. I know this will be so incredibly hard for me, so I covet your prayers. 

7. {Be myself. Enjoy blogging. Ignore the stats.}

I don't plan to ever make blogging a business or make any real money off of it. So why should I care so much about stats? Don't get me of the best parts about blogging is the feedback and sweet comments I get from other bloggers. But I can't be completely driven by the number of followers I have or comments I receive. Nor do I need to allow myself to fall into the trap of comparing my blog to other blogs. Selfless Ambition is MY creative outlet. So I'm working on just being me, enjoying this blogging journey, and not focusing on the stats.

8. {Be a better step mom}

I'm not a good stepmom. How's that for honesty?
I shared here about how I've been pretty selfish over the past 3 years with respect to "sharing" my husband. Being a blended family is much harder than I expected. But Kendall deserves more from me. So I am committed to creating more opportunities to connect with her. And working on loving her right where she is. I'm sure that sounds crazy considering that I'm talking about a 6-year-old...but this is very real for me...for us.

9. {Intimacy with my husband}

And by intimacy, I mean s-e-x. TMI? Probably. But that's OK. It's one of my goals, so I figured I'd share. The bottom line is that I need to break my husband off on a regular basis. Pow.

You don't become this old & still in love with your spouse without regular nooky! heeeeeeyy! 

P.S. Mom, I really hope you're not reading this! Awkwaaaaaard.

10. {Eat more fruits & veggies and limit fast food to 1x per week}

I don't cook nearly as much as I should. But that doesn't mean that I get to be lazy and eat fast food all week long. I'm not the young whipper snapper I used to be. And those waffle fries and nuggets tend to stick to my thighs these days. So I'm making an effort to eat more fruits & veggies...and less waffle fries.

There it is, folks!
My intentional goals for 2013.

And for extra accountability, I'm thinking about updating you here each month on my progress against these goals.

Do you have any resolutions/goals for 2013? Do share!


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  1. I love the title and the difference you highlighted between setting resolutions vs. intentional living goals! They are reasonable, meaningful, and measurable. Great list and I look forward to hearing about your progress! Thanks for the laugh today! I literally laughed out loud while reading #3 & 9!

  2. I used to be passive aggressive and I still see a little remnant of it in me. It takes the grace of God daily for me to be bold, so I understand what you mean. I am also with you on blogging, I have a different goal than most bloggers and I have to make sure that I stick with MY OWN GOALS.

  3. These intentional goals are fabulous - I love the Less Me, More God one - I need to work on that EVERY SINGLE DAY more. I also appreciated your honesty! :)
    Nikki at

  4. I love every item on your list, Angela! I so need to let go and let God and be more open about Him and His goodness. I am also VERY passive-aggressive and that definitely needs to change. Nooky, blogging...I second your thoughts on those as well!

    You've given me a good place to start with a list of my own!!!

  5. Great list, I love #3! You are hilarious, btw. Found you on the blog hop, I'm new to the whole blogging world, but having so much fun with it. I'm your newest follower:) Feel free to follow back and have a wonderful new year!
    The Real McCoy(s)

  6. #3 is SOOOOO me! I am trying to do better though:) Also, I commend you on #7, I try my best to be "real" and honest on my blog as well. You can find me at

  7. What a great set of intentional goals! I am so going to make a set for myself!

  8. I really like that you wrote out your goals - it'll definitely hold you accountable! And I really hope you join us for budgetting bloggers - it has made such a difference in my money situation so I hope it helps others too. Happy New Year lady - 2013 is going to be wonderful :)

  9. I love your blog and post. Having been a step-mom for 20 years, I could write a book on what NOT to do. But here I am, it was worth the stress, anxiety, anger, jealousy....they are grown and their kids call me Nana and they all go to church with us. Would I do it all over again...HECK NO!!:)

  10. Just found your blog! Love your honesty...I plan to do several of the things above myself. More nookie...hehehehe & of course sharing my faith more in hopes of saving souls. Happy New Year!


  11. Great list! I love your honesty!

  12. Happy New Year Angela!!!
    I couldn't stop laughing about the passive-aggressive picture! That was pretty funny.
    I hope you are able to accomplish all of your resolutions!
    Thanks for linking up with Sarah and I!!!!

  13. You have a great honesty about you and I admire that! These are all great goals :)

    xoxo Lorelai

  14. OMG...I love your blog and your honesty! Most wouldn't admit in their whole lifetime the things that you've stated here. You're pretty awesome in my book for that!!


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