Life After

What do I say? I really don't have the words.

Yet I know I can't do another OOTD post...or a post on any topic...without first acknowledging the precious lives lost yesterday at Sandy Hook Elementary. 

I was talking to my good friend Kim today and got a bit emotional. I read her the story of one of the 1st grade teachers who hid all of her students in closets after she heard the gunfire. Shortly after, the shooter came to her classroom and, after telling him her kids were in the gym, was gunned down. She saved those babies' lives. 

These are the little people in my life.

My nephew, Dominick & stepdaughter, Kendall.

The mere thought of receiving a call about a shooting at either of their schools makes me cringe. To arrive at the school and find out that they didn't survive...I. just. can't. imagine.

But I'm reminded today that this is a fallen world. No day is promised. 

So I'm praying.
For healing for those precious parents who woke up without their babies this morning.
For healing for the families and friends of the teachers & faculty who lost their lives.
For the entire Newtown, CT community.
For the survivors at Sandy Hook Elementary who will soon have to go back to the place this horrific tragedy took place.
For life after. A new 'normal'.
And ultimately, for God to be glorified during this incredibly sad time.

"...The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away. Blessed be the name of the LORD." (Job 1:21)



  1. Lord, have mercy.
    I didn't know that story about the teacher. mercy.

  2. Job also asked: Shall we only accept good from the LORD?

  3. No safer place to be than in the shadows of the Almighty God. Wow! Jesus I love you *touching story.


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