What NOT To Wear: New Year's Eve Edition

Happy New Year's Eve, y'all!

What a great year this has been. Not void of challenges by any means, but it was awesome. I feel like I've grown a lot over the past year. And am so excited for 2013. I did a little year in review recap of 2012 & shared my "intentional goals" for 2013. Now it's time for a fashion post...New Year's Eve edition, of course. 

I've seen some pretty amazing posts about what to wear for NYE. As much as I love clothes & shoes, I am definitely no authority on fashion. So I'll leave the how to's & what to wear posts to the experts. ;) 

Instead, I bring you...what NOT to wear this NYE
Because I definitely have some opinions on that.

I had fun putting this together. It's quite simple...just go to google and type in key phrases like tacky NYE fashion or what not to wear on NYE or ugly cocktail fashion and just see what comes up. I dare you. Let's just say that I had myself a good little chuckle over here at all the random images that popped up.

So without further adieu...I bring you...
What NOT to Wear: 2013 New Year's Eve Edition

Kristin, honey. Where..are..your..clothes? I think I prefer you in a pretty cocktail dress & Chuck Taylor's. Stick to what you know. And don't ever do this again. Seriously...who are her friends? Sheesh. The moral of this story is...you can be cute without being nearly naked tonight. 

Yikes. Just stop the madness. In 2013, let's stop wearing clothes that don't fit. Matter of fact, let's start tonight.

I think this dress & blazer would have been perfect without the belt. Don't over-accessorize tonight, ladies. Especially if you're wearing gold sequins, for crying out loud.

Huge bows.
Big bangs.
Satin gloves.
French rolls.
This all happened in the late 80's/early 90's.
Let's leave it in the decade it belonged.

I love leopard print. 
Other than that, I have no words for this picture. No words.

Eek. I'm all about a sexy pair of heels for a special occasion. Well, for any occasion really. But this? Please don't break your necks in the name of "fashion" tonight.  

Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. So, so beautiful. And there are so many designers making gorgeous maternity pieces. That said, do not go ANYWHERE wearing something like this. Ever. In your life. I'm begging you.

Quinceanera? Yes.
Prom? Sure.
Grown woman going out for NYE? Absolutely not.
Let's make sure our attire is age appropriate tonight.

Whatever you do tonight (church NYE service, NYE party, house party), have a blast!

In other breaking news, Kimye is expecting a baby.
I'll reserve all comments & opinions on the matter to myself.
But would love to hear your thoughts. ;)



  1. So funny. I think my favorite is Kristin Stewart and her granny panties...haha...what was she thinking?!?!
    Happy New Year!


  2. OMG I love this - Kristin Steward seriously looked ridiculous and I loved the 90210 flashback - Happy New Year dear!

    Pearls & Paws

  3. haha amen to all of those things - especially things that fit! my butt hurts just looking at that dress :O

  4. I was going to wear a see-through sweater with a big bow on it until I read your blog today. J/K I got inspired after reading your advice today so I went out looking for some pieces to finish out an idea I had for tonight. I'll have to get your opinion if I see you later. Thanks for the reminder to plan my outfits, and Happy New Year!

    The Consummate Stay-at-Home Mom

  5. Happy new year, Angela! This post cracked me up! The 90210 dresses are hilarious, but we'll let it slide since it was the 90s :)

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I completely agreed with your thoughts on what not to wear for NYE (or ever, if we're being honest). Despite being addicted to watching all of the Kardashian shows (I know, I know!) I cannot stand Kim, am already sick of this pregnancy and am really confused as to what's going on with Kanye at this time.


  7. hahaha. this totally made me LOL! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! already following you back - by the way, you are a no reply blogger - I couldn't respond to you via email but if you visit my blog section "blogging for newbies" it tells you how to fix it - it could be why some people aren't responding to you - you meet a lot more peeps when you change that! just a little tip! :)

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